EASSPL offers Document/Certificate Legalization Service in India.

Legalization is “The process of certifying a document so that it will be recognized by the legal system of an overseas country.”

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EASSPL is a registered company that provides all kind of Commercial, Educational and Non-Educational (Birth/Marriage) Certificate Legalization service from GAD, State Home Department, Chamber of Commerce, State Education Higher Department, HRD, Notary and various Embassy situated at various place in India, for the abroad use of Certificates.

To make certificates from your country valid in a foreign country you need to legalize them first. Legalization is the process of certifying a certificate so an overseas country’s legal system will recognize it. Legalization is required practically for each and every important document right from Non Educational certificates like birth, marriage to Educational certificates like Marksheet, degree certificate, and other Commercial documents like Power of Attorney /Affidavit, Board Resolutions, Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, AOA, etc.

Note: If the country where you intend to use your legal certificates is not a member of the Hague Convention, you will need an Embassy/Consulate Legalization. This can add considerable complexity to the process as all embassies have different costs and procedures.

Document validation is done by an authority which is higher in hierarchical terms. For example - If one wants to legalize his education degree then he will have to go to the topmost authority in education which is the Ministry of Education.

Document Legalization and Apostille are very tedious and time-consuming processes and even a small mistake in complying with the laws pertaining to the legalization of documents can result in rejection of the applications or sometimes they may even result in detention or deportation. Better go with our services and we will do the complete process for you. If you have any queries you can contact us on the below-given number.

EASSPL will legalize your all kind of documents such as Degree Certificate, Birth certificate and Marriage certificate from different State HRD Departments, Ministry of External Affairs and different Embassies like Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, France, Spain, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Netherlands, Mexico, etc.

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Why choose EASSPL for document legalization

  • We provide you with complete transparency and consultation on how this works.
  • We assure you 100% safety of your documents.
  • Our staff is well trained and accustomed for doing apostille for various clients.
  • Customer satisfaction is our only goal and we give special focus on your requirements.

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We attest documents with embassies in INDIA and many more...
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1000s of documents attested for more than 107 countries every year. Trust the Experts.