Educational Certificate

Attestation of Educational Certificates like Degree, Post Graduate certificates, Diploma, Medical, 10th, 12th.


COO, Invoice, Certificate or Incorporation, Memorandum, Articles.

For Export or Overseas business, some kind of document should be attested from concern Embassy.

Non-Educational Documents

There are many ways to attest Non educational document from India. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, PCC, Medical Certificate Legalization in India.


MBBS / MD / MS Admission

EASS provide medical admission service in Abroad. MBBS in China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, USA with Lowest fees.

Useful links:

Commercial Document Legalization:

Commercial Document/Certificate should be legalized for Goods Export in Foreign Countries.

Legalization for American Countries:

Document/Certificate should be legalized for Employment/Familiy Visa or Export Good in American Countries...